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Canva Training UC Santa Cruz Gear Up

We have absolutely loved having you and have learned so much from you! I am so grateful that we found you online. Your trainings and presentations have been engaging, relevant, and so easy to follow. We are better educators because of what you've taught us!
- Sofia Antuna (Interim South Zone Direct Services Director)

Google Classroom Training UC Santa Cruz Gear Up

  1. It was so great! I wish we had more time so we can learn more tips.

  2. It was so great, I learned so much from the presenter. I am now aware that I can use a website on google to make my Bitmoji.

  3. Please bring her back! I would love to learn more tips and possibly a CANVA training?

  4. She was very knowledgeable and was engaging. In my opinion, future trainings presented by folks who are certified or knowledgeable in the topic would be best -- she was awesome!
    -Sofia Antuna shared feedack from a closing survey
    (Interim South Zone Direct Services Director)

District Training - Liberty Union HSD

"You were amazing, today and thank you again. The feedback is glowing and I'm looking forward to sharing the data with you!"
- Todd Airola (IT Director)

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